British Columbia | “A land without limits”

March 26, 2021 by markm
British Columbia | “A land without limits”

What is “A Land Without Limits”? It’s vast open skies. Room to wander. Space to roam. Time to just breathe. It’s the heart of British Columbia’s wild – the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast.

Ripe is very excited to bring new booking technology into a region that has incredible natural assets for tourism, along with unique and distant lodging experiences. Using our Zero%_Rez platform, the team at CCCTMA, along with the Web Advisors digital marketing team, are providing a marketing reach and conversion tool that has previously been unable to reach the unique lodging providers in this unique area.

By using the Ripe CRS, we can provide access to any type of lodging provider. From major brand hotels, a private cabin in the woods, or just a simple two-room Bed & Breakfast, there is a solution for any lodging providers to participate. All you need is the internet and an email address.

Mark McGill | VP of Business Development