Event Organizers

Your events spark hundreds, if not thousands, of lodging bookings, but it’s rare to see a penny from your efforts – until now. Double your website as a lodging platform and earn commission from each local booking that your events help drive. With Ripe, you’ll walk away with more money in your pocket and your guests with a better experience. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Better experience for visitors, tangible results for you.

Go Beyond Traditional Ticket Sales


Earn Commission On Every Booking

Unlock a new stream of revenue by leveraging your influence in driving visitation. Monetize your efforts with Ripe through commissionable reservations paid directly by lodging suppliers.

Localized Lodging & Bundling

Enhance guest experience on your platform by tailoring lodging listings to your event. Take it a step further with Ripe’s option to bundle exclusive deals with lodging options, incentivizing even more bookings.

Customizable Maps & Messaging

Enhance the attendee journey with Ripe’s customizable event maps and targeted messaging, featuring interactive pinned locations and targeted copy on both landing and booking pages.

Benefits for Event Organizers

Commission-Based Bookings

Highlight Local Lodging Options

Easily Measure Success

Client Success Team

Consider our Client Success Team as an extension of yours. Our team will collaborate with you on curated ecommerce and marketing strategies to help you make the most of Ripe.

Real-time Data & Reporting

We know you work hard and want to see results. That’s why we offer an easy-to-read, visual reporting system to help you effortlessly identify the travel insights you need.

  • Straightforward Data Dashboard

    Our interactive dashboard makes understanding valuable information easy. Spend less time deciphering the results and more time enhancing your marketing strategy.

  • Shareable Insights

    Keeping your stakeholders in the loop is simple. Export the data you receive, send it to partners, and watch as your relationship flourishes.

Your community partners will love you!

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