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Products & Pricing

We have package options tailor-made specifically to meet your goals and budget. Choose from solutions fully managed by Ripe for a straightforward hands-off approach, or manage yourself for complete control.

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Price Models

Revenue Growth

Commission-Based Revenue

A booking platform that generates revenue for your organization by taking a negotiated commission from the lodging provider from each reservation.

Subscription Cost
$500- $2,000 per month

Revenue to You
50% of lodging commissions.

Partner Growth


A marketing focused booking platform that drives exposure and bookings for your lodging partners without impacting their margins.

Subscription Cost
$1,000 – $4,000 per month

Revenue to You
None. Instead, savings passed on to Lodging Partners via commission-free bookings.

*Subscription cost and set up fees vary by market size and lodging supply count. Contact us for a price quote.

All Pricing Models Include

Enhanced Traveler Experience

Local Relevance

Customized booking engine built to match brand voice and style.

Value added

Pairs best available rates with value-added promotions

Bundle Attractions & Experiences

Ability to add attraction tickets, discount programs, special event tickets.

Elegant User Interface

State-of-the-art UI & UX with easy-to-use search and booking tools and comprehensive summaries.

Promotion of Lodging Partners

Best-in-Class Connectivity

Access to live rates & availability for hotel, property management and short term rentals.

Flexible Commission

Choose to send commission-free booking or not depending on your goals.

Enhanced Property Pages

Custom Content, images and maps, with option of outbound links.

Easy to Participate

No contracts necessary and requires little to no effort to participate.

DMO Marketing Solution

Facilitate Traveler Research

When and where demand is created to visit.

Stimulate Visitor Demand

Create promotions for need dates, events or seasons with curated value-adds, Bandwango experiences & more.

Promote Festivals, Events & Groups

Create affiliate booking instances and convert travelers to key events that drive overnight demand.

Client Success Advocate

An extension of your team for execution and best online practices.

Travel Intelligence

Real-Time Reporting

Personal interactive dashboards, ability to export and share insights with partners.

Conversion & Travel Analytics

E-commerce analytics inclusive of booking trends, revenue, room nights, ADR, conversion rates and more.

Search Intent Analytics

Search and Travel intent inclusive of look-to-book windows, search volume, trending dates, referral links traffic and more.

Collection of First-Party Data

Ability to collect valuable first-party data and opt-in data for CRM Strategies.

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Which model will you choose?

Discover if the Partner or Revenue plan is the right model for you – regardless, everyone wins!