Canadian Southern Gulf Islands Tourism Partnership Joins Ripe!

November 29, 2023 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Canadian Southern Gulf Islands Tourism Partnership Joins Ripe!

Embark on a journey with Ripe’s latest client, the Southern Gulf Islands Tourism Partnership. Their region, located just off the coast of British Columbia, includes Galiano, Mayne, Pender, Saturna, and Salt Spring Islands. 

Prioritizing Traveler Insights and Optimization

As the community destination management organization (CDMO), SGITP is committed to promoting balanced visitation that supports local businesses’ economic activity and diversity, all while preserving the islands’ social and environmental values. We’re excited to help them in their pursuit with their recently launched Ripe hotel booking engine. Together, our goal is to unlock essential travel insights, optimize offerings, and demonstrate the tangible impact of their initiatives. As they venture into this collaboration, they’re gearing up to provide more robust marketing for their local lodging partners.

Strategic Destination Marketing Efforts

The Southern Gulf Islands are not just islands–they’re sanctuaries of values, culture, and a commitment to a sustainable future. With Ripe’s support, SGITP is well-positioned to make the most of their tireless efforts, guiding the islands towards a future where tourism aligns harmoniously with the unique ethos of the Southern Gulf Islands. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration!

If you’re interested in visiting the Southern Gulf Islands, book a stay on their site. If you’re interested in driving visitation to your destination, book a Ripe demo on our site.