Ripe Now Offering Group Housing Services

March 29, 2024 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Ripe Now Offering Group Housing Services

Every destination attracts sports groups, conferences, and festivals, but not every destination has a straightforward way to manage attendee room blocks and reservations. Ripe is thrilled to unveil its latest offering: Group Housing Services. With Ripe’s Group Housing, DMOs can offer a turnkey housing solution to their meeting planners and group and event organizers to efficiently curate and manage room blocks, build group booking sites, and make reservations for attendees.

What are Ripe’s Group Housing Services?

With Ripe’s Group Housing, events or destinations in collaboration with group planners, can seamlessly handle negotiated rates and room blocks directly within our platform. They can easily create customized booking sites and landing pages for groups, events, and conferences, eliminating the need for special discount codes or direct hotel calls. Participants can now book pre-negotiated rates directly through a unique link, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

For instance, consider a scenario where a convention has negotiated discounted rates with three different hotels—15% below their standard rates for the same dates. With the group booking page, you can display each of these negotiated rates, empowering your attendees to book directly through the site. You can always manage and track room availability, set or change a deadline for the special rate, and are protected from the risk of overbooking with automatic overflow booking. Attendees get the best possible booking experience and the event maximizes room pickup attribution.

Flow chart describing when Ripe Group Housing services should be used

Group Housing Software Highlights

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Clients or properties themselves have the flexibility to manage inventory and list negotiated rates available by room type, including any rate differences for each room type on a nightly basis. With Ripe, you can list negotiated rates alongside other property options like hotels and short-term rental homes—all in one place for travelers.

Streamlined Traveler Experience

Ensure a hassle-free attendee experience with multi-room booking, shareable links, and eliminate the need for participants to call hotels or use special codes.

Automatic Overflow Booking

Available room block inventory will always be displayed first, but, in the event of a sold-out block, inventory will be transitioned to a live generally available connection source, ensuring additional event attribution for room pickup.

Custom Dashboard & Reporting

Track your efforts and stay informed with Ripe’s robust analytics and reporting tools. Our real-time dashboard provides valuable insights that you can view anytime.

Use Cases

Conferences and Conventions

Elevate the conference experience for attendees by simplifying lodging arrangements with customized booking options tailored to their needs. With seamless reservation management, organizers can ensure a hassle-free stay for participants.

Sports Groups and Tournaments

Simplify lodging for sports teams and tournament participants with a tailored booking solution. An intuitive platform for coaches, team parents, and organizers ensures that athletes can concentrate on what matters most—competing and enjoying the event to the fullest.

Overnight Events and Festivals

Ensure that overnight event experiences are unforgettable for all attendees. By making lodging arrangements easily accessible, you can maximize attendance and enhance travelers’ experiences, leaving a lasting impression of both the event and the destination.

Additional Details

Client Success Team

Our dedicated team can help with setting up the pre-negotiated rates and creating the booking engines and always offers ongoing reservation support for travelers.

Existing Client Requirement

At this time, the Group Housing feature is only available to Ripe clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize group accommodations—schedule a live demo with our product experts to learn how we can help elevate your marketing efforts!