Ripe Welcomes Destination DC: Elevating the Capital Travel Experience

August 28, 2023 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Ripe Welcomes Destination DC: Elevating the Capital Travel Experience

We are thrilled to announce our dynamic partnership with none other than Destination DC! This esteemed organization, formerly known as the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corporation (WCTC), is at the forefront of showcasing the vibrant spirit and rich history of the United States’ capital city.

Who is Destination DC?

Destination DC is not just a DMO, but the lead entity responsible for crafting the distinct narrative of Washington, DC. A testament to a forward-thinking traveler-centric approach, Destination DC aims to set a new benchmark for what the traveler research and booking experience should be. We’re confident that our collaboration will support their already exceptional efforts in marketing the living tapestry of history and culture that is Washington, DC.

Destination DC and Ripe

Setting the stage for innovation and growth, Destination DC has embraced Ripe’s Partner Growth 0% Commission model. Included in their model is our marketing-focused booking platform that drives lodging partner exposure and streamlines the booking process for users. In an effort to create even more effortless booking, Destination DC recently overhauled their website navigation. Among other extensive changes, their new navigation now includes a clear call to action button that connects visitors to Destination DC’s Ripe booking engine. This seamless journey bridges the gap between inspiration and action. It offers travelers a clear pathway from exploring and moments of discovery to booking lodging and ultimately to the final destination of unforgettable memories.

Destination DC has hit the ground running in adopting Ripe’s functionalities. Jared Carrow, their dedicated Ripe Client Success Manager, emphasizes: 

“Our priority for the launch was to make sure we had affiliate booking and landing pages set up. Destination DC is eager to leverage Ripe’s landing page and affiliate builders, given their strong community and event partnerships.”

Jared Carrow, Ripe Client Success Manager

We’re excited to have clients like Destination DC who work hard to serve their local communities, travelers, and lodging partners. We couldn’t be more excited about this journey ahead and the incredible impact we will create together. Welcome aboard, Destination DC – let’s make history together!

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