It’s “Island Time” at Ripe

July 14, 2021 by markm
It’s “Island Time” at Ripe

In partnership with the team at Tempest, this is one of the most exciting new projects we are launching in 2021. The Galveston area has such a diverse range of lodging options from brand hotels to vacation rentals, this is going to be an amazing showcase of how a destination can capitalize on our commission-free and hassle-free Zero%_Rez product.  

Destinations, like Galveston, Texas, that have vacation rentals, resorts, condominiums, as well as brand hotels, showcase the real power of Ripe technology. This is an amazing project, and we appreciate the vision and partnership with the Galveston Island Tourism team and Tempest Interactive Marketing for making this happen.

Mark McGill, Vice President of Business Development

Galveston, Texas – It’s Island Time!