See You Next Year!

December 30, 2020 by markm
See You Next Year!

I get flack for dad jokes, both at home with my kids, as well as in the office. However, this month I simply could not resist with the “see you next year” punch line. It’s such a softball in the dad joke arsenal every December, but 2020 took it to a whole new level. 

This post is brief, and not intended to re-hash on everything we already know that fell apart in the travel and hospitality industry in 2020… this is just a simple written reminder to each of us that there is indeed going to be a “next year”.

At some point, not too far off in the future, we will get to have those in-person conversations about the year that was 2020… and for reference points there will be plenty of videos and written memoirs detailing out what the heck just happened. But I know right now, in this moment, most of us have never been as desperate for a NEXT YEAR as we are right now for 2021. 

For the travel industry, the journey to climb back started in 2020, and it will continue in 2021 with a view of brighter days ahead. That journey will not end in 2021… it’s a journey… an ‘infinite game’ to quote  @Simon Sinek. What we all do know, is that the hospitality industry has an energy, an optimism, and a culture of survival that uniquely positions all of us to be able to see those brighter days ahead, no matter how bleak yesterday may have felt. 

2021 is Hope. Whether your Friday this week is a full fiscal refresh, mental rebirth, or ‘just another day’ during the holiday break – please know that you have friends, colleagues, competitors, and clients that believe in you and are genuinely wishing you the very best in the New Year. 

PS. I would like to thank the following industry mentors and peers for their inspiring messages of hope and gratitude throughout the past few months: Kathryn Quinn at Liftopia, Jon Tesser at NYC & Co, Adam Johnson at Adara, Greg Edwards at Catch Des Moines, Darren Dunn & Josh Collins from Entrada Insights, and S. Travis Weber at Expedia. Cheers to 2021.