Ripe Announces Integration with Bandwango

April 5, 2022 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Ripe Announces Integration with Bandwango

Rooms. Experiences. 1 Stop Shop.

As far as ‘big projects’ go here at Ripe, we have never tackled anything more incredible than this one for our Destination partners. In 2019, this was just an idea. In 2020, most of the world evolved and pivoted in one direction or another. At Ripe we used that time to get to work scoping and building on great ideas.

At the time we launched this project, so many Destination clients were already using Bandwango for local, curated experiences, tasting passes, and ‘show your badge’ programs that drive such a direct economic impact, we simply had to figure out a solution to bring that to your travelers in their lodging booking path. So over the course of months of planning, and even more months of scoping, coding, trial & error, we are SO HAPPY to bring you RIPE + BANDWANGO eCommerce lodging engine.

When combined, Ripe + Bandwango become an invaluable tool for destinations seeking to stimulate travel and drive local economic impact. Now our clients can bundle exclusive Bandwango experiences with hotel reservations, providing unmatched value.

Ripe is the gateway to connecting guests with places to stay, whether that is hotels or short-term vacation rentals… Bandwango offers the most advanced technology and gamification of amazing in-market experiences… and now you can get both in 1 incredible platform.

We are excited to share this new product enhancement with the entire DMO world in 2022. At Ripe, it is our mission to unify technology and make eCommerce solutions easy. It is invigorating to work with others like Mo Parikh at Bandwango, that share that same passion.


How it Works:

Ripe & Bandwango form a dynamic partnership. When a Destination client licenses both platforms, the integrated systems deliver a lodging + experiences engine seamlessly into the Destination website. 

A clean and modern user experience helps travelers quickly find where they want to stay, with live rates, availability, and localized customization. Look, book, done! 
Offers can include FREE passports, gift cards, concert tickets, festival admissions and more. NOW you can also include paid passports as well, which are usually attraction or tasting passes that include “free” admission to local attractions and businesses throughout your destination. 
Room nights, passports distributed, and passport redemptions are tracked through the Ripe and Bandwango platforms, so partners know exactly who booked, when they travel, and whether or not they redeem their passport in the destination. 

Project By the Numbers: