Discover Lancaster | Pennsylvania Dutch Country

January 9, 2023 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Discover Lancaster | Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Discover Lancaster is our newest client and one of our most unique! 

Lancaster County, nicknamed Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is located a couple of hours inland from major East Coast cities. Lancaster’s slowed-down culture, influenced by the local Amish communities, along with historical attractions and other fun, distinctive activities, makes it the perfect getaway for those needing a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Amish Country

The Amish population found in Lancaster County was established in the 18th century and is the oldest in the country. Known for their self-contained nature and separation from society at large, Amish communities have worked hard over hundreds of years to create independent communities to preserve their beliefs of simplicity and obedience. Luckily, some communities generously allow tours and share their way of life with visitors. 

Buggy Rides

A recognizable difference between the Amish communities and the general population is their relationship with technology. One of their preferred methods of travel is by horse and buggy. Lancaster has several different buggy rides to choose from, many of which have the option of further exploring farms, historic sites, and other Amish attractions

The Amish communities in Lancaster work hard to preserve their way of life. If you visit, make sure not to take identifiable pictures, as this goes against their values.

Old Windmill Farm

Old Windmill Farm is one of Lancaster’s top-rated attractions. From feeding pygmy goats and milking cows to churning butter and baking bread, Old Windmill Farms offers authentic experiences that give visitors insight into the everyday life of the Amish community. 


The Amish also have a reputation for their hard work and exceptional craftsmanship. Lancaster visitors will find an abundance of furniture shopping options and carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. If you are interested in observing these master artisans at work, you should check out George’s Furniture and Woodshop Tours


Lancaster is one of the oldest inland cities in the country. It’s been around for a while, meaning it’s inherently historical. Some of Lancaster’s most fascinating historical sites include James Buchanan’s home Wheatland and the oldest farmer’s market in the United States.

Lancaster Campus of History

The Lancaster Campus of History is home to James Buchanan’s Wheatland. Visitors will learn of the 15th president’s struggles to manage an increasingly restless country and how his legacy became that of the worst-rated president in history. The campus also has decade-themed Lancaster exhibitions and an Arboretum. 

Lancaster’s Central Market is the oldest farmers’ market in the country.

Lancaster Central Market

Lancaster prides itself on welcoming visitors to become part of its living history. The Lancaster Central Market is at the heart of the city and is its past and present. It is the oldest farmers’ market and has been operating since before the Revolutionary War! Lancaster’s Central Market’s traditional yet modern, steadfast yet surprising qualities, products, and food rank it among the world’s best fresh markets.

Distinctive Events and Activities

Bube’s Brewery

Mount Joy may sound like it’s straight out of Candyland, but it has one of the best destinations for the spooky-inclined – Bube’s Brewery. Bube’s is a 19th-century complex that hosts murder mystery dinners in a catacombs restaurant and, as if that’s not enough, offers ghost tours, too. If you’re spooky-averse and were actually hoping for more of a Candyland vibe, that’s ok. You can enjoy a free historical tour and eat great food in a non-ghost-inhabited room at the brewery.

Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy hosts murder mystery dinners in a catacomb dining room.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair

If you find yourself in Lancaster during the fall months, prepare yourself to experience the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Manheim transforms itself into a 16th-century English village where revelers partake in food and spirits while delighting in the spectacle of jousting knights. 

Full of novel activities, attractions, and history, Lancaster County provides a special respite for its visitors from the stressors of modern-day living. Discover Lancaster is dedicated to sharing Pennsylvania Dutch Country with the world and we are excited to work with this successful DMO!