Elevating the Visitor Experience with our Newest Client: Explore La Crosse

May 17, 2024 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Elevating the Visitor Experience with our Newest Client: Explore La Crosse

Known for its vibrant craft beer scene and stunning bluffs overlooking the mighty Mississippi River, La Crosse, Wisconsin, is a destination brimming with charm and adventure. To cater to the growing demand and provide a frictionless booking experience for visitors seeking unforgettable experiences, Explore La Crosse has partnered with Ripe to implement our innovative destination booking solution.

Embracing New Technology for Strategic Insights

Explore La Crosse is a forward-thinking organization embracing new technologies to stay ahead in the competitive tourism industry. They were particularly impressed with Ripe’s advanced booking engine and its ability to be seamlessly integrated into their website. This user-friendly platform empowers leisure travelers to effortlessly find and book the perfect La Crosse lodging option, directly on the Explore La Crosse website.

Beyond user-friendliness, Ripe’s booking engine offers Explore La Crosse valuable data and insights. Detailed reporting and attribution will help them optimize their marketing strategies and maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Effortless Booking Options for Travelers and Groups

When Explore La Crosse integrated Ripe’s booking engine into their existing website, visitor convenience was top of mind. This commitment is evident in the easy-to-find Ripe Search Widgets strategically placed across their site. These include a dedicated “Find Lodging” section in the navigation bar and a compelling “Book a Room” call-to-action button. This readily accessible approach encourages visitors to explore lodging choices directly on Explore La Crosse’s website, streamlining the booking process and will help drive conversion.

Before Ripe, Explore La Crosse felt their previous booking engine lacked important functionalities. One key area lacking was Group Housing Services. Through Ripe, they will now have essential access to managing large groups, sports teams, and convention room blocks. La Crosse will be able to leverage a robust platform that goes beyond individual bookings with features like customizable room block management, advanced attribution tracking, and referral links that will empower organizers and attendees alike with a smoother booking journey.

A Partnership for Growth

Together, Ripe and Explore La Crosse share a commitment to driving tourism, fostering local economic growth, and creating unforgettable experiences for all who visit La Crosse. This strategic partnership will elevate the visitor experience and showcase the unique charm of La Crosse to the world.

If you are looking to Explore La Crosse, you can book your lodging directly on their site. If you are looking to explore innovative booking solutions for your destination, schedule a demo with the Ripe team today!