Ripe Welcomes Discover Torrance in Collaboration with Augustine Marketing

January 12, 2024 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Ripe Welcomes Discover Torrance in Collaboration with Augustine Marketing

Discover Torrance: Laidback Living, Bold Marketing

We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Torrance, California, our latest addition to the Ripe family. In an exciting collaboration with their marketing agency, Augustine Agency, we’re set to embark on a journey to amplify Torrance’s unique charm.

Discover Torrance, the DMO shaping the narrative of the city’s laid-back culture, captures the essence of Southern California living. Priding itself on authenticity and good vibes, Torrance invites visitors with a simple question — “Are you in?” We are looking forward to collaborating with the city’s Visitors’ Bureau and helping travelers discover the undiscovered in Torrance.

Data-Driven Bookings with Ripe

Torrance has embraced the transformative potential of Ripe’s platform to elevate and amplify their marketing initiatives. Specifically:

The biggest asset they see in the platform is the reporting dashboard — able to get those metrics in real-time and drive deeper than they have before in terms of bookings.

Augustine Agency

Church surrounded by sycamore trees at golden hour

With Ripe’s reporting dashboard, Torrance aims to leverage data to drive marketing strategy and decision-making, drive bookings, and enhance their travelers’ user experience.

We’re looking forward to seeing Torrance drive visitation to their lodging partners with Ripe. If you’re interested in seeing their white-label booking solution (or booking a stay there), visit their site. If you’re eager to drive visitation, optimize bookings, and elevate your destination’s profile, book a Ripe demo with one of our product experts. Let’s unlock the full potential of your destination marketing efforts and create extraordinary experiences for travelers together!