Vancouver Books Thousands of COVID Recovery Reservations in Just 12 Days

November 23, 2020 by woleary
Vancouver Books Thousands of COVID Recovery Reservations in Just 12 Days

Stay Vancouver Hotels booked thousands of reservations totaling nearly 10,000 room nights amid a global pandemic and international travel at a standstill – sounds pretty good, right? But no, wait, they did this in 12 days. No need to re-read; you read it correctly the first time. 12 days! Utilizing Ripe’s commission-free “Zero%_Rez” lodging engine, they were able to generate much-needed revenue for its 37 member hotels.

So how did they do it, again? And how did they do it so faster than their other successful campaigns this summer? Stay Vancouver Hotels offers a value-added incentive program coupled with the purchase of a hotel stay to stimulate travel and drive local economic impact. A gift card with a cash value is waiting for the guest upon arrival at the front desk. The gift card encourages the initial bookings and then increases the spend in market, generating an even more significant economic impact.

To advertise the offer, Stay Vancouver Hotels went back to basics with an email marketing campaign to their database of travelers. The message also came from the hotel members themselves, which is not typical. With Ripe’s commission-free engine, hotels are not afraid to send consumers to it as there are no expensive fees like with major Online Travel Agencies. The hotels can direct consumers to their unique Ripe-powered landing page allowing the traveler to book a room and receive the offer, which is effectively a direct booking.