Visit Truckee-Tahoe DMO: Partnering with Ripe for Seamless Bookings

November 15, 2023 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Visit Truckee-Tahoe DMO: Partnering with Ripe for Seamless Bookings

New Destination Marketing Organization Client: Visit Truckee-Tahoe

Introducing our latest client, Visit Truckee-Tahoe! Nestled in the heart of the mountains, this destination captures the essence of adventure and tranquility. With world-class skiing, diverse outdoor activities, and a vibrant dining scene, this impressive destination is promoted by an equally impressive destination marketing organization. Visit Truckee-Tahoe does a phenomenal job showcasing their town and we’re excited to partner with them and help them grow bookings.

Visit Truckee-Tahoe Destination Marketing Strategy

Visit Truckee-Tahoe has only recently launched with Ripe but has hit the ground running. Their strong start demonstrates their commitment to providing an exceptional experience for travelers. They have strategically placed booking widgets and call-to-action buttons throughout their site, like on their homepage and their content page highlighting lodging planning options, ensuring that travelers can easily navigate and make reservations. This destination marketing organization has also already set up a value add offer for their travelers and prominently features it on their website with clear instructions for users. Through their effective marketing efforts, Visit Truckee-Tahoe is spreading the word about this promotion.

Implementing Ripe’s Lodging Booking Software

Along with their own efforts, Visit Truckee-Tahoe has partnered with Ripe to help convert and amplify their efforts. Specifically, in addition to their booking software, we offer travel chat and call center service, guaranteeing the best lodging booking experience for their visitors. Whether travelers are booking their stay at a chain hotel or single-property bed and breakfast, Ripe’s reservations team is on standby.  By utilizing these resources, Visit Truckee-Tahoe ensures that their visitors have all the tools they need to book their stay and take advantage of the exciting promotions and offers available to them. 

We are thrilled to partner with Visit Truckee-Tahoe. Their recent and strong launch with Ripe is just a couple of examples of the dedication and hard work they put into marketing their destination. By strategically placing booking widgets and call-to-action buttons on their website, Visit Truckee-Tahoe ensures a seamless and convenient booking process for travelers. Their value add offer, effective marketing efforts, and collaboration with Ripe’s travel chat and call center service further enhance the overall experience for their visitors. We are excited to embark on this journey with Visit Truckee-Tahoe and cannot wait to witness the future accomplishments that lie ahead for this remarkable organization.