Choose Redding Supports Local with Ripe

January 6, 2023 by Alexa Chumpitaz
Choose Redding Supports Local with Ripe

We are ecstatic to introduce Choose Redding. They’re exposing upstate California’s best-kept secret and highlight the city’s impressive dining, entertainment, and accommodations in addition to the surrounding area’s natural attractions. We’re lucky to have yet another incredible California-based DMO join us!

Choose Redding is exemplary in leveraging exclusive value-adds to promote bookings, support local partners, and drive local economic impact. Using Ripe’s bundling functionality, Choose Redding strategically extends countless offers to visitors as an incentive to book a stay in their idyllic city. 

Redding is located in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California and has the hidden-gem qualities that make it the perfect outdoor lover’s getaway. But what’s a vacation without a little adventure out on the town too? Redding’s prime location allows visitors to do both.

Outdoors Outdoors

It’s true that you can find hiking, winter sports, and fishing in many places. BUT, Redding is next-level and you can hike in scenic untouched mountains sans crowds, snowboard on an active volcano, and fish for high-quality trout year-round in one of the best fishing towns in the country. 

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is 42,000 acres of land, lake, and leisure. Only 15 minutes west of Redding, Whiskeytown is perfect for an impromptu visit or planned day-long adventure. Visitors can opt for a guided tour with rangers, waterfall hikes, fishing, and can even pan for gold. Choose Redding is currently offering free week-long admission when visitors book their stay.  

Redding is a popular destination for fishermen seeking rainbow trout.


The question is less about where you can fish and more about where you can’t. Redding is the sunniest city in California, has temperature control devices, and seemingly infinite rivers, lakes, and streams to choose from. Seemingly infinite fish to be caught, too (and maybe released, depending on your style). It’s no wonder it’s consistently ranked among the best places to fish. If you’re looking to fish, make sure to snag Choose Redding’s $50 gift card to The Fly Shop.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Featuring all four types of volcanoes, three geothermal features, and all types of naturally occurring lakes, Lassen Volcanic National Park has many marvelous sights to behold. Some of these include Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world; the Painted Dunes, a colorful field of striking oxidized pumice; Lake Helen, a gorgeous blue glacial lake; and Bumpass Hell, a trail with hydrothermal features like fumaroles, mud pots, and boiling pools. During the wintertime, the park has great cross-country and backcountry skiing, snowshoe tours, and extreme sledding.

Lassen Peak reflected in one of the park’s many natural lakes, Manzanita Lake.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Mt. Shasta may be an active stratovolcano, but that doesn’t stop the accumulation of snow or skiers from its slopes. A bit further from Redding, you should plan to spend the day there. Or evening – Mt. Shasta Ski Park has some of the best night skiing around. This resort has beginner-friendly runs with majestic views and would make for an amazing first-time ski experience. 

Outdoors Lite

If you’re looking to be outside with less commitment, Redding has activities that might be for you. If you missed it earlier, Redding is the sunniest city in California. That means no matter what time of year, you can expect great weather when you visit these places. 

Sundial Bridge

Putting that sun to good use, Redding’s Sundial Bridge is one of the coolest attractions in the city. The pedestrian bridge on the Sacramento River is not only visually stunning but also architecturally impressive. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava designed the structure to have an airy feel characterized by glass and granite as well as being a freestanding bridge. 

Sundial Bridge lights up at sunset creating a different but equally engaging visual experience in the evening.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Also located right on the Sacramento River, Turtle Bay Exploration Park’s north and south campuses are joined by the Sundial Bridge. This expansive park is a family-friendly invitation to connect with nature and the indigenous history of Redding’s land. The park is also home to the McConnel Arboretum and Gardens, art and wildlife exhibits, an amphitheater, and the state’s largest butterfly house. Choose Redding is currently offering three free tickets when visitors book their stay.

Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta is an easy drive from the city and has less strenuous but still engaging activities. Case in point, the Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark. After a catamaran cruise and breezy bus ride, explorers will be rewarded with an incredible 250-million-year-old limestone spectacle. Post-cavern adventure, you can unwind with a sunset dinner cruise on Lake Shasta.

Visitors admire the limestone formations in the Discovery Room at the Lake Shasta Caverns.

Out on the Town

There’s no denying that Redding’s outdoors attractions are unmatched. But, it also has a lively, revitalized downtown with all the right stuff to help you slow down and refuel for your next adventure.

Cascade Theater

When established in 1935, the Cascade Theater was considered to be one of Northern California’s superior cinema houses. It is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, but is still fully operational and hosts present-day events and shows. 

The Art Deco Cascade Theater was built in 1935 but is still operational today.

Woody’s Brewing Co.

Woody’s Brewing Co. has the perfect laidback atmosphere and beer selection you look for in a brewery. This highly-rated establishment is located just down the street from the Cascade theater, so you can stop by before or after a show and enjoy a bite to eat.

Local Eclectic Shopping

The local shopping scene in Redding has a distinct culture of its own. Downtown Redding is full of small vibrant shops – Juniper Stones Gallery, Sketch & Press, Abode, Abe’s Haberdashery, and Dandelion, just to name a few. Each offers its own unique vibe and products for a novel holistic shopping experience. 

Welcome to Redding’s humble Abode. Choose Redding spotlights the city’s distinct local shops through their offers.

Choose Redding is a partner that works hard to emphasize local experiences to their visitors through their expert marketing and offers that encourage booking. If you’re interested in learning how your DMO can do the same, let us know!